The Most Unscientific Analysis Ever

One of the professional hazards of consulting and speaking about using social media and digital platforms to deepen relationships is that I have to have my eyes on a LOT of different accounts. If I was pressed into telling you which platform I spend the most time in currently, it would be Snapchat. Why? Because for the most part, what I see on a friends Snapchat, I don’t see show up on any of their other platforms that they could post on. The main reason for that is that, as of this post, you can not connect Snapchat to any other Social Media or digital platform. If you could, you would. And I would hate that.

I would hate that as much as (run on sentence alert) I hate the fact that great pictures I see, Like and leave a witty comment on various Instagram accounts of people that I follow there, I end up seeing later on my Twitter feed with a portion of a caption from the original IG post along with an inaccurate Twitter handle that isn’t the same as the IG account that got tagged in the original IG post and a link to a picture that I’ve already seen and left a witty comment on IG. Which I hate only slightly less than when I see the same picture and caption on my Facebook News Feed with a similar witty comment made by someone else that didn’t see my original comment on the original IG post. 

Okay, that was one really long run on sentence combined with another sentence that I should probably seek some therapy for.  But seriously...

You're Giving Me Social Media Fatigue

Speaking more to those of you that have content that you HAVE to post because you run a non-profit or a church’s social media platform, please stop being so lazy with your pictures. I love Instagram! Some really good stories get told there by pulling me in with a high quality photo. Those photos can now be even more appealing with the latest update from IG that allows you to post in landscape mode for both pictures and video. Those great stories can be seen by 1000’s of others if the proper hashtag strategy is used. And the people or brands that are in the picture itself can be tagged so that others can learn more about them by clicking on their username. That’s when IG is at it’s best. Don’t ruin a good thing by automatically sharing that picture to Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr or Flickr or foursquare or Weibo or Ameba or mixi or VKontakte. That IG experience will become so watered down.

"So what? It's easy to do and I don't have a lot of time. I like pushing a button and having the picture hit my other accounts."

Hey! Who let all the lazy people into this blog post? Okay! I get it. It is easy and Facebook owns IG and you would think that it would be okay to at least share from IG to Facebook. Alas, Facebook has it's own way that they will reward you for taking the time to post that same photo (hopefully NOT at the same time you posted the IG pic...more on that in a later post). Most of us are aware of how difficult it can be to get a post on your FB page to show up on all your Fans Newsfeeds. If you REALLY want your picture to get noticed from your Facebook an ad! (Talk about lazy. Extremely efficient and the best bang for your buck in advertising EVER...but where's the fun in that?) 

If you want your photo to stand out without spending any money:

  1. Like other Pages
  2. Like Pictures on other Pages
  3. Comment on other Pages pictures
  4. Click the "Share" button on other Pages pictures and write a meaningful comment telling your Fans why you're sharing the other Pages' picture
  5. Do this often over the course of a week
  6. NOW, post your high quality picture, with a a GREAT Call to Action or conversation starting question on YOUR Page
  7. Repeat steps 1-5 above before you even think about posting step 6 again

Tweet This - Spend the time to invest in others or spend the money to get others to invest in you.

Instagram and Twitter are "Frienimies" at best

Look, can I make a case as to why you would post an IG pic to Twitter, ever? Sure, when you're starting your organizations Instagram page and you want all of your Twitter Followers to know about it. Other than that, just don't do it. 

On a scale of 1-10, how engaging is this Twitter Feed? There's text that starts to tell a story. What do you have to do to read that story? Clink on a link. Where does that link take you? To a pop up in the Twitter browser...that has resized the photo for the Twitter browser...that has links to hashtags and Instagram accounts that you CAN'T click on...and you can even see where you could leave a comment...ON THEIR INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT...where it came from. "But wait Van! There's a handy link at the top of the Twitter browser that says 'Open in app'. See! Twitter LIKES Insta!" Oh? Okay. Go ahead. Click the link. I'll wait. You'll wait. We will all wait! Because with iOS9, that link does absolutely NOTHING! 

This is a 1 Sided Argument

I hear ya! It's my blog. I'm only writing about what I want. You wanna share your side of the argument, then jump into the comments and tell me your side of why you think we SHOULD connect and post our IG account to Facebook and Twitter.