Well, well, well. Guess what the Mother of Invention deemed necessary? A change to the relationaleq.com site!

It's cleaned up. Stream-lined. Oh, and we switched to SquareSpace!! And when I say we, I mean Jess over at Jess Creatives.  She's swell!

This site will be dedicated to how I grew my "other" business by loving on my clients and listening to what's important to them. I'll be sharing the How-To's that I use on a daily basis to keep me connected so you and or your business can get started using digital to expand your relationships as well.

Videos! Oh, there will be videos. Not about me but about business' and organizations that I believe in and want you to know more about. If you're already a client of mine, I want you to be on here being elevated like I did with Holly Crawshaw:

So, what do ya' think about the new look?  There will more updates to come soon...like...tomorrow.