We Weren't Tweeting

Keep that in mind. From October 9th, 2014 to February 16th, 2015 not a tweet did we make from our RelationalEq Twitter account. Relational Equity as a company had gone in a different direction (if you consider stopping a direction). I as the Owner, decided to focus all of my attention on the Company That Shall Not Be Named. I had stopped modeling the Relational Equity model that made us so successful as an agency and had our clients feeling so special as part of our Family.  So I went back to my roots and poured myself back into a singular mindset. Love on my people!

And it WORKED! Better than it did before actually. The difference was noticeable. The attention to my "people" and what they believed in and how they were communicating was translating into more word of mouth advertising than we had ever seen. We didn't go a day in January without receiving a referral. Our agency was really gaining momentum using the Relational Equity model across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As it did, I started to become a power user of uploading video's directly to our Facebook Page that our clients had posted on YouTube or Vimeo instead of just sharing their link. The impressions and engagement that we started receiving was overwhelming. So overwhelming that the Company That Shall Not Be Named started noticing. And said "No more". 

So I Hijacked My Own Company

So, February 16th, 2015, I made the decision to start using relationaleq.com to share about what my clients are doing and how I love on them. I would leverage the remnants of an inactive website and it's social media accounts to continue to lift up the people that I cared about the most. And, I would start giving away our processes so others could benefit. On that day we "re-published" our video of our client, Author Holly Lauren, and in order to get the word out, we fired back up our RelationalEq Twitter account.

Before I tweeted about her video, I decided to do some house cleaning of our Followers on that account.  Now, what I'm about to say, some of you are going to have a hard time grasping, but I UnFollowed well over 200 Twitter accounts, all of which, were current Followers of the account. An account that hadn't tweeted in over 3 and half months, remember? I unfollowed those accounts because I had absolutely no interest in them what so ever. None. I know what you're thinking. "Why did you follow them in the first place then, Van?". 

the same reason you did

They Followed Us! So we followed them back. Okay, not ALL of them, just the ones that had like over 1000 people Following them. They must have great content, right? NO! We were just worried that if we didn't' Follow them back, they wouldn't keep following us. (GASP! Van's right. How did he know that's what we were doing?) Because we've all been there. Look, those 200 accounts didn't stick around while we weren't tweeting because they just REALLY liked us and didn't want to hurt our feelings by Unfollowing us. They stuck around because we made them look good! We were 1 of the numbers that when you or I check their profile out, helped us make a decision as to whether or not we want to one of the cool kids too! 

We had over 1000 Followers at one point in time based on the Twitter analytics I can look at.  When a started my little UnFollowing spree we had 963 Followers. As I write this post we now have 904 accounts that are foll...check that, 903, wait, it's actually at 901 Followers. (Comment below how many we have when you actually read this.) So what does this tell you? For me, it says that at least 60 accounts couldn't care less about our content. We were a number to them. My guess is, you, your company or organization didn't get on Twitter just to be a number. 

We are all looking for community

Why? Because, NBC cancelled the show. 

Yes, we're looking for THAT Community, but we're also looking for a group of Tweeple that believe in what we're posting and look forward to engaging with us. We have to find those people first, though. Yes, there's 100 different ways to do that depending on what Social Media Guru you listen to, but as for me and My Account, we will serve The Relationships, first! We seek to be advocates for our clients because we believe that advocacy is the ultimate form of engagement. THEN, our content. Relational Equity doesn't replace content. Content is King. (But relationships are Beyoncè)