Adopt the John the Baptist approach to social media for your church. 


One of the key players in the new testament isn’t talked about all that much. He doesn’t have a book named after him. He didn’t hang with Jesus and the disciples. What he did do was get everybody excited about something that was coming. All John the Baptist did was point people to the One that could offer them eternal life. 

That’s what the church should be using Social Media for…to point people to Jesus. Period. The great news is, Jesus modeled the best way to do this all throughout his ministry. (See The Rich Young Ruler, The Woman at the Well, Shadey Nic)

In Jesus' ministry he knew intimately about the people he would be interacting with before he interacted with them. I know, I know...He’s Jesus, The Son o' God…he can pull that off rather easily.  Well,ere’s the can we!!!

So many of the people that attend your church, or support your non-profit, post about their lives on the various digital platforms. That gives us the ability as the church to listen intentionally via social media to what your people post online.

So that we get to know them on a deeper relational level.

So that we can interact with them on a friendship level.

So that we can point them to Jesus on an eternal level.

We just have to listen. 

In September, That Church Conference will teach us all about how to build great strategy’s. How to communicate using digital. How to measure analytics. How to pastor others via digital. All of that is going to help your church. I would challenge that if we START with listening, it sets our hearts to minister in every other area of the church.

If you don't want to pay the money to come to Atlanta for That Church Conference, then tune in on August 6th from 2-3 EST to hear more about this approach to using Social Media via a 1 hour webinar. You don’t even have to use Facebook, Twitter or any other platform to implement this process. Oh, and the webinar is FREE.