The Meerkat App is a new app that launched last week that allows Twitter users to Live Stream directly from their Twitter account

Facebook Group

I created a Facebook Group Page to start the conversation on the best way to use the new Live Streaming interface called Meerkat. As of right now, the app is only available in iPhones and iPads. Below is the first post in the group with my Top 3-ish Questions on the new app. It's elementary to be sure and I think there are others out there that might be struggling to get started just like I am. Read through this, then jump on over to the Group and ask to Join in.

So I jumped in with at least one and half feet with Meerkat last night and I’ve got more questions than answers. I want to figure out the answers sooner rather than later though.
Since, to the best of my knowledge, there is no “Help” section of the app yet, I’m looking to find out more about the following:
1. What’s the best way of “following” others on Meerkat?
1a. Do you have to be following them on Twitter?
1b. I know there’s a link on the a users Twitter post that you supposed to be able to click to be reminded when a user is streaming, but I do’t see where that’s confirmed in the app.
1c. The Leaderboard makes it easy to follow whoever is on the Leaderboard. Just wish there was a way to search for a user within the App.
2. Chatting - How can you be live streaming AND actually comment while posting? It seems that you would want the chat engagement to flow through to Twitter.
2a. What goes on Meerkat Stays On Twitter - however, it just looks weird to see a persons Meerkat chat post show up on Twitter with no context. Seems like there should be a auto link to the live stream go out to Twitter when a person chimes in on the chat feature.
3. Scheduling - Tried this last night. Scheduled a stream for 10pm, sent the Tweet out. The only way I could see the countdown to the Live Event was is if I clicked the link on Twitter and viewed it in their Browser. If I tried to open within the App itself, there was nothing on the screen that alerted me that a Live Stream was about to start. Ended up Posting another event using the Stream button in the app to actually go live.