You Built Your List...Now What?

In my last post, I wrote about the "why" behind the Relational Equity approach to using Social Media and got started on building Lists in Twitter.  This post will take more of an active approach to the actual How To when it comes to listening to your people. At the bottom of this post is a video of me actually walking you through this broad overview of some Twitter listening tools. Be sure and watch that for a more hands on explanation.

Our listening skills

The main feed in our Twitter account for the Company that Will Not Be Named is ONLY our clients.  That's the only accounts that we hit the Follow button for.  It's our way of saying Welcome to the Family.  You're in. You're important. 

What do we do with accounts that Follow us but aren't our clients? Put'em on a list.

Then, and here's the secret to how we Favorite tweets so fast, we turn on the Notification feature so that when our client Tweets, my phone lights up.

Yes! EVERY client. Do I take action every time they tweet?  No.  A lot of the time though (and I have an iPhone, sorry other smartphone users) I just swipe left of the notification which gives me 3 Options:

  1. Hit x and Delete the Notification
  2. Hit the Favorite Button
  3. Hit the Retweet Button



Favorite Button

I am going to wear out the Favorite button for a myriad of reasons:

  • I love my clients and I want them to know that I'm listening and that I care
  • When I Favorite a clients Tweet, they see my business name in their notifications - for free
  • Twitter now puts Notifications directly into your Timeline. I Favorite a clients Tweet, other mutual Followers of my client will see in their Timeline that I favorited their friends tweet - for free

The Retweet button

I will use a bit more strategically. So many of my clients are involved in various event, promotions, business' that I can't just simply Retweet them every time they tweet. I encourage them to get in touch with me if they have specific endeavors that they want my platforms to promote. (See the :50 sec mark of our Update VideoHowever, just through listening to what they are tweeting about, I get a pretty good sense of the best tweets to amplify. There are a few ways that you can Retweet someone.  For this post, I'm going to go over just two. 

  • The Retweet Button - In the native Twitter app, all you have to do is hit the Retweet Icon, then chose between a regular Retweet or Quote Tweet, both of which acknowledge to your Followers that your Tweeting someone else's Tweet.
  • The "Old-Fashioned" Retweet - I say Old Fashioned because before Twitter added & automated a Retweet function, people used to HAVE to add the letters "RT" in front of someone else's actual Tweet to acknowledge that it wasn't their own. Personally, I like using this style because it notifies the person whose tweet that you're retweeting in a different way than when you use the automated Retweet button. Check out the example of a Super Bowl ad that I couldn't resist making fun of. I see Crystal Black's name because she was the last one to hit her Retweet icon, but then the other 9 people just get lumped in with all the rest. Now look at Jaime Gooch's Old Fashioned RT.  Those were back to back on my Notification stream. If you're wanting to let your people know that you're supporting them and spreading their message, you might consider this type of Retweet.

next post

Our next post will jump into listening in your lists that you built to put these tips as well as a few others in place.  Be sure and check out the video below for a little more hands on demo of today's post.  Also, hit that Subscribe button and get signed up to be notified when our future posts go live.