One day we’ll have the #FaceTwittaGramSnappedInPin universal Social Media Platform. Until then…

Just saw where Facebook is toying around with LinkedIn type profile tags on their platform.


                    Much crazy

           Very analytics

                                     So pin




Get ready to read all the posts about how Facebook is starting to look like LinkedIn is starting to look like Twitter is starting to look like Guy Kawasaki. If you haven’t read those posts, your RSS feed will have them for you before breakfast tomorrow. (Seth, are you listening?)

In the church world, using Social Media is like trying to catch a greased pig at a Bar mitzvah. (Don’t ask…) Most churches do not have the personnel to keep up with all the different platforms and all the changes they seem to make on a weekly basis. (but seriously, thanks for taking away Warner Music in the Discover page Snapchat, nobody watched that anyway)

So what’s a parish to do? How can the flock be fed their digital feeding in their Newsfeed AND in their Stories. How can our deacons know what is and isn’t going to get mad play on their Facebook page if the rules change faster than the Youth Min position?


There. You’re free! You have permission to concentrate on one platform for the next year if you want. When did we drink the kool-aid that makes us feel like we have to have content coming out of our narthex. That we have to post on every platform multiple times a day? Here’s an idea…DON’T.


I could go on and on in this blog post about various ways to really tackle the multi-platform approach, but you only want read so much of this anyway. Soooooo….come watch and listen to some of those ways at That Church Conference’s FREE webinar on August 6th at 2pm.  Use the keyword ‘#FaceTwittaGramSnappedInPin’ to get another 52.952% off your order.