I had the pleasure of interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk back in June.  For those of you that are not familiar with Gary, set aside about 7 hours and just Google him.  The man is literally EVERYWHERE.  If Gary speaks about social media, I listen. The main reason that I gravitate to Gary's social media style is the emphasis he puts on the human element of social. In an online world that has become mostly about content and, "hey look at me", he has been a constant reminder to focus on the people that help make you or your business successful.

In our interview which was 15 minutes long, you can listen to about 10 minutes of it below.  Of course we would have technical issues as I interviewed him!!  So we lose the last few minutes where he brags about how great I am and how I'm the next big thing in social (What? You don't believe he said that?  How dare you!), but I've put the essence of what Gary said in my bullet points about the interview.

Gary's book The Thank You Economy is required reading for our team and our clients at Relational Equity.  We have pre-ordered his next book Jab Jab Jab Right Hook that is due out in November.


Highlights of my Interview with Gary Vaynerchuk

  • 1:30 If you're a leader of a company, DO NOT adopt the Thank You Economy (TYE) philosophy for your clients if you're not willing to adopt it for your employees.
  • 3:05 His employee philosophy of one to one style is really quite hard. Get to know each of your employees and figure them out and bring value to them.
  • 3:36 I make a I statement of how adopting the TYE philosophy for my employees forced me to change the way I approach my family and Gary turns the tables and interviewed me for a minute. Kinda cool!
  • 4:35 The TYE resonates in the human spirit.  People want to be loved and people want to be talked about.
  • 5:20 Gary talks about how the TYE approach is changing the business' that are adopting it.
  • 7:37 Listen to how VanerMedia uses "Surprise and Delight" in their office.
  • 8:20 Maybe the most interesting take by Gary before the recording cuts off on business' loving on their clients from a place of true altruism versus ROI.  20 Years from now this philosophy might well be intuitive but for now is just another tactic in client retention.
  • After FREAKING OUT that our recording cut off and that we didn't even realize it for about 2 minutes, the rest of the interview (all 5 minutes of it since Gary is maybe the busiest dude on the planet) Gary drove home how building relationships and memorable enjoyable experiences with your clients trumps any amount of advertising about you, your product or your company when it comes to loyalty in business.  Paying attention to and responding promptly to what your clients are posting about themselves, for now, will create an online space for your clients to talk about how much they feel connected.  He emphasized that this philosophy will be SUBJECTIVE in it's results initially, but will eventually start paying off in ways that OBJECTIVELY others company's will wish they were using.

Thanks Gary for the time and the knowledge.  Never stop hustling!

If you would like more information on how to adopt the Thank You Economy for your business, drop us a line at connect@relationaleq.com.