Social Media and The Servant's Heart

Did you ever have a blog post all ready to go and then you read something that made you want to change the whole post?

This post was originally entitled "Post with a Servant's Heart".  Then my friend Aileen Cole at Insight Pool posted this on Twitter:

This rocked my world!  How often does someone state what you do more clearly than you do?  Our company's desire is to give our client's an altruistic reason to post content online.  To teach them to become advocates for their client's.  Listen, we love content!  CONTENT IS KING!  Keep posting great content that people will want to engage you with.  Just don't ever forget that if your client's go away, your business goes away.  So here's my question: Whose content is more valuable?  Yours? Or your clients?

Are You Listening?

HA! Not to me necessarily...but to what your clients are posting about themselves?  What's your daily (at least daily) plan to listen to what your client's are saying?  Cuz they're sayin' alot!  On Twitter, on Facebook, on Pinterest, on Instagram, on LinkedIn, on their blog, on FourSquare, on Tumblr, on Vine, on Pheed...please tell me you've heard about Pheed?!?  Never mind, that's beside the point.  The point is, you as a business owner, you as the gal that's responsible for your church's Facebook page, think about how important it is for you to get your message across.  How much time do you put into creating your online content so that people will pay attention to you?  How soon after a post goes up do you go to Google Analytics to watch and see if anyone is listening?  Can I get you to take a quick step back from all that?  Now...think about how many people follow you, your business or your church's various social media outlets.  Seriously.  Think about it.  Everyone of them are posting about their lives, their businesses, their causes, their family, their dinner, their vacations, their weddings, their births, their deaths.  And you're just worried if any one of them will ReTweet you.

Overwhelmed Yet?

Don't be.  Just let this be a wake up call.  Let this become an opportunity for you to become an advocate for just ONE of your clients, attender's or Followers.  Be about what they are about.  Definition on 'advocate'

  • Create a RT plan just for them
  • Write a monthly blog post just about them
  • Share every Facebook Page post they post
  • Invite them to coffee to find out how you can help
  • Send their Tweets to your Phone
  • Tell 10 people about them
  • Thank them endlessly for their support
  • Send them one of their Pinterest Pins



Did this stir anything up in you the way it stirs up in us?  Leave us a comment and let us know how this resonated.  Or better yet, let us know how we can help you become an advocate for your client's.