it becomes more difficult to manage relationships, causing people to feel lost and unloved. We help organizations listen to what their people are sharing in their digital spaces.


How do you Identify members, customers, and supporters in need of appreciation? How do you make people feel loved, important, and heard – not just because they're "your people"...simply because they're people. What is it worth to your church or organization if you make your people feel like you are their biggest advocate? 


Your people are going to be different than the other guys. The way your church or organization engages them should sound like you. Keep in mind, adopting a #RelationshipsMatter approach is not meant to replace your current social media strategy, but to enhance the relationships you have. Plan to be intentional to how you listen to what your people are posting about themselves.

Learn to monitor what your people are saying online and supply yourself with their most relevant information. What could you do with that kind of information? How could you engage your people and make them feel loved if you were actively listening to the things that are important to them?