By adopting the Relational Equity model, you can create long-lasting, meaningful relationships with your clients that will help you grow your brand. Bottom line: people enjoy loving on people.  I believe we should make our clients feel loved, important, and heard – simply because they are people like you and me. The Relational Equity model exists to teach your organization to use digital platforms to be personal, intentional, purposeful, and eager to create relationships using what your people are sharing online.

Our founder, Van Baird, took a boring insurance agency and created relationships on Social Media that had people raving about how their insurance Agent made them feel. After much prodding from friends and fellow business owners, he created Relational Equity. Inspired by Bob Goff’s book “Love Does,” Van has been teaching thousands of people how to be about the person in front of them, both in person and online.

Van Baird

My Bride Wendy and I have been married since 1993. We have been blessed with two beautiful daughters that remind me every day about what unconditional love is. They give me a glimpse into how our Creator must feel about His children. We spend a lot of time as a family creating memories and planning for new ones.